Air Washer Puf Panels

Crossair offers a versatile product- PUF Slabs in various thicknesses for insulating the buildings or any kind of construction where the temperature and energy savings are important. The applications of these slabs are primarily in:


  • Best for Air Handling Units and Air Washer Systems
  • These PUF slabs are manufactured in a controlled condition and cut to the desired thicknesses. The density of Poly Urethane Foam (PUF) shall be 40 + 2 Kg/ M3.
  • We offer the range of thickness of panels as follows: 25 mm to 50 mm thickness
  • The PUF Insulated slab stops the heat and saves a lot of energy. Wherever the building’s energy consumption is more these slabs plays a major role.
  • Light weight slab tiles which is easy to lift and erect at any height inside or outside the building Joinery of slab to slab can easily be sealed with Poly Urethane Foam based chemicals to create seamless joint.