An AIR Washer System is a piece of equipment that is intended to improve and get better air quality by scrubbing the air. That moves through it and adjusting humidity levels to keep the environment consistent. These washers have long working life and are available in modular designs. Our Air Washer System is manufactured using outstanding quality of raw materials and latest technology by our expert professionals.


Crossair Vantilation System a leading Air washer manufactures. We also provide services in the field of Air conditioning, Evaporative Cooling Systems and Cold Room Systems. We can say that Air washer System are often used as standalone equipment. or together with other parts of the AC system. And also contains the frame, nozzles, the electrical motor, fan, air purification filter, air diffuser, pump etc


  • Lower utility costs (electricity within the summer and gas within the winter). And optimal power consumption as compared to vapor compression systems.
  • Using single-phase power (in particular, for apartment systems) Most vapor compression systems (such as AC) of over 36,000 BTU use three-phase power.
  • Optimal water consumption as compared to evaporator coolers.
  • Significantly lower maintenance and replacement part costs compare to air con and chiller systems.
  • Also No need for thick flooring, all of which reduce the dead weight. and no need for radiator water risers and pipes running under the ground.
  • As The possibility of putting in the air washer as a centralized unit within the wasted building spaces and therefore the facility of access for maintenance.
  • Also Control over temperature and humidity and using fresh outdoor air within the summer and therefore the winter.
  • Low initial investment, especially for giant spaces.


  • Also Our Air washer System are rapid in providing cooling and heating, that’s they’re best fit spaces that aren’t used continuously (such as schools, mosques). Also, in residential buildings, the system doesn’t require to stay functioning when the occupants leave.
  • As Less hassle and reduced maintenance costs because of the centralization of several heating and cooling units.