We provide the following AMC Services:

As the name suggests, Evaporative Cooling Uses Spray Banks in Single Skin and Double Skin Cabinets of Evaporative Cooling Systems. The overall working remains same as of Single/Double Skin Evaporative Cooling System, but, instead of celdak pad, we use spray banks in the system to add moisture in the air for removing heat from the air. This enables to achieve 95% saturation efficiency of water keeping the area moist and cool.

  • Maintenance and Supply for Air Handling Units like replacement of PUF Panels, Filter Sections, Filters, Dampers, Drain Pan, Centrifugal Blowers, Motors, Cooling Coils, etc.
  • Maintenance and Supply for Air Washers like replacement of PUF Panels, Filter Sections Filters Dampers, Louvers, Celdak Pad, Pump, Centrifugal Blowers, Motors, PVC Eliminators, Canvas Connection, etc.
  • Replacement of Ducting with Insulation.
  • Replacement of Grills and Diffusers with Dampers.